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Indonesian man allegedly stabbed housemate to death after being called ‘handsome’

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Authorities in Siak, Riau province arrested a 45-year-old man who allegedly murdered a fellow tenant at the boarding house (kost) he was staying at after the latter complimented his looks. 

Siak Police Chief Gunar Rahadyanto said that the suspect, identified as KS, and the victim, identified as Y, both hailed from North Sumatra but had only met while staying at the kost. 

“The victim said to the suspect, ‘how come you look ganteng (handsome), where are you going?’ That very statement offended the suspect,” Gunar said on Thursday

“So the motive for this murder was because the suspect felt offended when the victim called him handsome.”

After the exchange, which occurred on Jan. 18, Y and his friend S headed out to their workplace in another district, and were followed by KS using a motorcycle. The suspect allegedly attacked both men about halfway through their trip using a machete. 

“Two stabs hit the right side of the victim’s stomach, the third stab got to S, and then S managed to run away from the suspect,” Gunar said.

S asked motorists passing the road to help him bring Y to the nearest Puskesmas (community clinic), but the latter died on the way. S then filed a report against KS to the Siak Police.

According to reports, S tried to escape by heading to Pekanbaru, but was arrested at a village in Rokan Hulu regency last Tuesday. He tried to evade arrest and fought back officers. 

KS has been charged with premeditated murder under Indonesia’s Criminal Code (KUHP), which carries a maximum sentence of life imprisonment or death.

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