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Indonesian police officer named as suspect for alleged rape of teen he ticketed for traffic violation

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A police officer in Indonesia’s West Kalimantan capital of Pontianak has been named as a suspect for allegedly raping a female teenager he had previously ticketed for a traffic violation. 

The officer, identified by his initials DY, is a member of Pontianak City Police’s traffic unit. He reportedly asked the 15-year-old victim and her friend ⁠— who were on a motorbike without wearing helmets ⁠— to pull over on Imam Bonjol street on Tuesday last week, before bringing them to the nearest police station to issue them the traffic ticket.

“During questioning, DY said that when he ticketed them, he saw the victim’s body and he was immediately lusting for her,” Rully Robinson Polii, who heads Pontianak City Police’s crime investigation unit, said

In exchange for the fine, DY asked the victim to follow him while telling her friend to leave, which she initially refused. The victim finally relented and was then taken to a hotel, where DY allegedly raped her. DY reportedly told the victim to drink a beverage, which made her half-conscious.

He then left her alone in the hotel room, while promising to pick her up later, but he never showed up until the victim’s elder sister finally came to get her. The victim’s family filed a police report last Tuesday, and the officer was apprehended not long after.

Pontianak City Police Chief Komarudin said that they named DY as a suspect after finding evidence of intercourse. He’s been charged with rape under Indonesia’s Child Protection Law, which could see him imprisoned for up to 15 years.

As DY will be tried for his alleged crime, Komarudin said he will also undergo a police ethics trial, which could see him dishonorably discharged.

“If he’s proven [to have committed the rape], he has definitely tarnished the image of the National Police amid the ongoing efforts to improve our officers’ professionalism,” Komarudin said.

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