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Indonesian teen assaults 11-year-old boy who tugged his younger brother’s penis

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An 18-year-old boy in Sleman regency, Yogyakarta is having to  deal with the law after he allegedly assaulted an 11-year-old boy who tugged his younger brother’s penis.

The incident reportedly occurred in late August, when the younger brother was playing with the alleged assault victim, who is identified by his initial D. The former came home that day and told his older brother, who is identified by his initials BA, that D tugged his penis while they were playing.

Ngaglik sub-precinct chief Tri Adi Hari Sulistia said that BA approached D while the latter was playing. BA allegedly punched D twice, leaving two bruises on the young boy’s head.

“The suspect recklessly assaulted the victim because he didn’t accept the victim’s act of pulling his younger brother’s genitalia,” Tri Adi said yesterday.

D went home and told on BA to his parents, prompting his father to file a police report against the 18-year-old. After questioning the victim and witnesses and collecting enough evidence, Ngaglik Police apprehended BA at his home on Wednesday last week.

BA has been charged with assault of a minor under Indonesia’s Child Protection Law and Criminal Code (KUHP), which carries a maximum sentence of four years in prison.

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