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Netizens touched by youngsters who rescued cats in South Kalimantan flood

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The huge flood that hit South Kalimantan province earlier this month has affected both humans and animals, and thankfully a group of cat lovers took the initiative to rescue felines trapped among the water.

Earlier this week, a TikTok user named @Indshr, who appears to be a part of a rescue group, shared a video of their mission. Set to a sad ballad song, the video shows a number of cats and kittens being carried on top of a small raft and then a kindle of kittens being evacuated with a styrofoam box. There were also cats stuck on rooftops as they were unable to swim. 

@lndshrsemoga cepat surut banjirnya kasihan anabul diluar sana kelaparan kedinginan 😭##prayforkalsel♬ Mungkin Hari Ini Esok Atau Nanti – Anneth

“Hopefully the flood will subside soon, poor furry kids are starving and cold out there,” the caption reads, ended with a #PrayForKalsel hashtag.

The cats appear to be strays and pets that were left behind by their owners left behind as they evacuated from their homes. The clip on TikTok also showed the cats gathering at a safe place and being fed with kibbles after the rescue. 

@Indshr has launched a fundraising effort for those who want to donate money for cat food, which is documented in the account’s most recent TikTok.

@lndshrBalas @hiiscorpio Ini hasil donasi sebagian sudah di digunakan untuk beli keperluan anabul. makasih untuk semua teman-teman ##prayforkalsel

♬ original sound – L Cat Family

The initial video, which has been viewed more than 1.5 million times at the time of writing, received praise from netizens who were touched by their efforts. 

Thank you to everyone who has rescued the cats at the time of floods like this. Hopefully the flood will quickly recede

Cats: Thank you God, you have saved us through these kind humans

Honestly I respect [you guys] to the point that I cried, there are still many people who care for cats even in that condition. Long live for all of you.

Hope you guys live a long life, God Bless U

Officials reported that at least 21 people have died in the South Kalimantan flood as of Wednesday, with more than 342,000 people affected and over 63,000 are taking refuge in various places across the province. Around 11 regencies and cities were affected by floods, including the Barito Kuala regency and the province’s capital of Banjarmasin.

The cause of the flood has become a hotly debated topic recently, as activists blamed massive land clearings across the province for palm plantations and mines. However, this claim has been disputed by President Joko Widodo and the Environment and Forestry Minister, Siti Nurbaya Bakar, who cited heavy rainfall and extreme weather as the factors causing the massive flooding.

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