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The Colonel gets sweeter: KFC now offers traditional Indonesian munchies kue pukis

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One simply can’t help but associate KFC with juicy fried chicken, but in Indonesia, the Colonel is now offering a jajanan pasar (meaning “market munchies,” a broad term for traditional snacks) for dessert or to go with your morning coffee. 

It appears that KFC began offering kue pukis, a pancake-like traditional snack, since at least two weeks ago, but they seem to have kept information about the half-moon shaped treat pretty low key thus far. However, several videos about KFC’s kue pukis gained traction on Instagram and TikTok more recently, such as this one by food vlogger @kulinersamacici:

“The kue pukis are pretty big, and the toppings are pretty generous. As for the pukis themselves, the taste was pretty smooth. Aren’t you surprised to see KFC selling kue pukis?” the vlogger said in her video.

The popular fast food joint has since retweeted a food-themed community account ⁠— which reposted @kulinersamacici’s video ⁠— to tease about the widespread release for their kue pukis.

According to the tweet, KFC’s take of kue pukis are only available at five outlets in the Greater Jakarta Area right now, but they said plans are in place to have it as part of their in-house coffee shops across the country, KFC Coffee. 

The five KFC outlets where you can get these sweet treats are located on Kisamaun street in Tangerang, in Metropolitan Mall in Bekasi, Bintaro’s 9th sector in South Tangerang, Arion Mall in East Jakarta, and the outlet near the Heroes’ Monument (Tugu Tani) in Central Jakarta.

You can get the kue pukis for IDR5,000 (US$0.33) per piece or IDR25,000 (US$1.67) for a box of five. You can grab a plain kue pukis or top it with a selection of double choco, choconut, cheese, and cookie crumbs or cookies and cream. For the time being, you can get a box of kue pukis at the promotional price of IDR22,000. Prices listed are before tax.

With the dish made fresh upon order and currently limited in terms of where you can get them, KFC’s kue pukis have reportedly attracted long queues where they’re available, so be prepared to wait a little longer if you’re planning to try them yourselves, even if you order through app-based food delivery services.

Kue Pukis is believed to have originated from Banyumas regency in Central Java, though the snack is also popular in other regions in the province and East Java. Known for its shape and soft texture, kue pukis is made of flour, eggs, yeast, sugar, and coconut milk, among other ingredients. The batter is then poured into a half circle mold and baked on the stove instead of in the oven. Kue Pukis is usually sold on the streets, traditional markets, or bakeries.


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